Friday, July 1, 2016

12 nuggets of wisdom from President Duterte’s speech (Part 1 of 2)

The Davao Eagle has just landed in Malacañang.
president duterte
It seems surreal but it’s true.
The newly-installed President of the Republic of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, has just been enthroned in his new nesting place, Malacañang. The reluctant candidate is the first-ever President to come from Mindanao. Most Mindanaoans, especially Davaoeños, were beaming with pride as he took his oath of office today, June 30, 2016.
A lot of people were eager to hear what the 16th president of the country has to say. They have been used to fiery speeches during the campaign and curse-laden outbursts during press conferences after he was declared the winner in the presidential race with over 16 million votes garnered, 16,601,997 to be exact. For sure, there were those who felt a jitter or two hoping he won’t make a fool of himself by making blunder after blunder.
Well, lo and behold, he survived his first speech as president. What a huge relief it was to know the expectations were unfounded.  He gave a meaty and eloquent speech which will go down the history of presidential speeches as one of the good ones. It wasn’t long so it didn’t bore his audience nor was it short that it left them wanting. I would like to believe that the 15-minute speech was not mere rhetoric but something which comes from the deepest chamber of his soul.
Let me go through some of the striking parts of his speech. I counted twelve.
  1. “…we have to listen to the murmurings of the people, feel their pulse, supply their needs and fortify their faith and trust in us whom they elected to public office.”
 This shows that the President is very much aware where his authority comes from and that is from the people. He did not really plan to run for president. He even said that he will retire from public office this year, 2016. But listening to the voice of those who vowed to support him no matter what – from the rich businessmen to the lowly street vendors – he gave in and tried his “luck” saying that if it is his destiny, he will win.
And win, he did. It is all because of the people who put their faith and trust in his capacity and capability to lead the country.
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