Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The united colors of the presidentiables

Source: Rappler

(The Philippine general elections may be over as they were held on May 9, 2016, but I would just like to share this poem I've written a while back for Blog Watch of the Philippine Online Chronicles.)
In a world that wants black and white
comes a sea of colors
for those who
seek the presidency, alright.
Binay is blue
white is for Poe
Roxas is yellow
Miriam is red
Digong is, too.
I beg to disagree
because my mind can see
a different set of colors.
Without further ado
allow me to do the honors.
Binay’s skin color is brown
but that we cannot malign
lest we make critics frown.
From racism we draw a line.
Take note, Binay’s PR guys took pride
in calling him nognog
which means black
and threw another word to describe him
and that word is “pandak.”
Hailed as the one
who catapulted Makati to its heights
but with his color
the masses he represents
because he claims, like them
he comes from humble descents.
Alas, after decades of being in power
he thought he lived on a bed of flowers
but came a string of cases
thrown at him like broken vases.
The serene blue has become tainted
we wonder now if victory can still be painted
for the boy scout from Makati
whose will to win
rivals that of the Illuminati.
For the rest of the poem, please read: The united colors of the presidentiables

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