Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Eagle has landed

Yes, the Davao Eagle has landed.
Photo via facebook.com/rodyduterte. Some rights reserved.
Photo via facebook.com/rodyduterte. Some rights reserved.
It’s like a dream which no Mindanaoan would like to wake up from. Or perhaps, to aptly put, it is a dream come true for the people of Mindanao to finally have one of their own as President of the Philippines. As Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte said it, if it is God’s will for him to become president, then it must be his destiny to be one.
Like an eagle, Mayor Digong or Rody, as he is fondly called, soared high to look at the big picture, not necessarily to take the presidency as his prey, but to see what he can do for his country. He went around major cities to feel the pulse of the people as he also peddled the idea of federalism for the Philippines. Admittedly having meager means and limited machinery compared to his opulent opponents, LP-backed Sec. Mar Roxas and UNA-supported VP Jojo Binay, Mayor Digong embarked on a quixotic journey by tapping the grassroots which willingly fell not just to his charms but for the beads of hope for a better life he dangled for everyone to get hold of.
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