Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Spot is on Banana Beach

Which comes first, the banana or the beach?

Yes, Juan and Juana, there is a place called "Banana Beach" in Tagum City. What used to be Hijo Plantation, a banana plantation, acquired by Jose "Boy" Tuason, Jr. in 1968, is now a leisure and tourism chapter called Hijo Estate Resorts. But one can still see banana plants as one enters the compound going to these resorts, namely, Banana Beach, The Spot, Lanikai, and Hijo Tours, the former two being the most popular destinations.

Around two kilometers from the bridge entering Tagum City from Davao City, one can see a fork on the highway with this sign on the right side. This leads to Banana Beach in Barangay Madaum. The highway goes straight to Tagum City proper.

Upon reaching this part, turn right again and enter the gate. The friendly guards will let you in and tell you to go straight ahead then to turn right at the end of the road to go to Banana Beach.

After the bridge, go first to the Tourist Center to register.

The Tourist Center. 
Brochures like this can be found in the Tourist Center.

The Rates.
While waiting at the Tourist Center, you can take a look at the souvenir items up for sale there.

After registering for whatever you want to do, you can now go to them: to Banana Beach, to The Spot, or to the Hijo Tours. Let's go to the restaurant by the infinity pool and the beach first.

Ample parking space.
The beach is straight ahead that path while the restaurant is on the left.

The refreshing swimming pool for both adults and children. The restaurant is on the left, the beach is on the right.

Here are more views of the pool area where the water looks inviting. It looks out into the beach and the ocean, islands and mountains beyond.

A serene view of the sea and the mountains beyond.
Kayaks waiting to be used.
The view of Banana Beach from the sea.
Durian for sale on days when they come aplenty.
From the restaurant, pool and beach area, let's take a ride and move on to The Spot.

The Tourist Center as viewed from the Spot.
Beautiful reflection of dancing coconuts. Still a view from The Spot.
What can be done at The Spot?

Goofing around! 
And if you get tired from all the activity at the beach, in the pool and at The Spot and if you've gone on the Hijo Tours, you can always go back to the Tourist Center and book yourself an al fresco cottage or an airconditioned casita. Please refer to the rates in the above pictures.

This shot was taken from The Spot. I took it and entered it in a Photo Contest sponsored by the City of Tagum in 2011. Like seeing the rainbow, I felt blessed to have this included in the coffee table book of Tagum City. 

What are you waiting, folks? Tara na sa Beach na Banana!

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