Thursday, February 5, 2015

Zzzzzzziplining in Lake Sebu

Our family loves to go on adventures. The kids have no qualms about trying new things to do. And my husband and I like to keep up with them once in a while. One of the things we've done was to "ride" a zipline. We've done two in Davao City: Outland Adventure's Xcelerator and Zip City. In 2012, we decided to try the zipline at Lake Sebu in South Cotabato.

View of the lake from Punta Isla Lake Resort
When we first went to Lake Sebu, we just took lunch at Punta Isla Resort and went boating in the lake there. Lake Sebu is around five hours from Davao City. Twice in 2012, we went all the way to Lake Sebu to go ziplining. The zipline area is on the left of the main road on the way to the Resort. There is a sign that says "Seven Falls."

Here’s my account of that experience as recorded in my Adventure Journal:

"We went to Lake Sebu not to go boating anymore but to try out the much-talked about zipline there. I've seen videos on YouTube about that and I thought it would be an interesting challenge.

Hikong Alo Falls, first of the seven falls of Lake Sebu which stands at 35 ft.. 
From the entrance and before reaching the first falls (shown above), turn left to the zipline area.

For just P300, we went ziplining by tandems: the boys in one line and my daughter and I in another. My husband went solo. We rode across 740 meters going to one spot, 420 meters coming back to another spot which is lower than the starting area and where a car park is located. The first line went above 600 meters of trees, magnificent views of waterfalls where a rainbow was seen over a huge one. That was the third time we went ziplining and it was the most breathtaking, most challenging, the longest and the most exhilarating. It definitely was worth the long trip to Lake Sebu.

My husband, daughter and I went back a few months later with a niece. I had the same feeling the first time we went there. The girls and I first thought of going on a threesome but the girl in charge had doubts the line could carry the three of us. Haha! The girls went together and I had a chance to go...SOLO! Whoa!

The ride seemed longer and slower for me and I was able to get a chance to look around and saw more than I did the first time. Ah, the feeling was still astoundingly exhilarating! It felt like flying and I loved it!

Getting fitted with the harness.
Getting ready to take off.
This is the first line. 
Up, up and away!
What can be seen after the take off.
There they go flying!

Views along the first line.

The other waterfalls that can be seen from the first line.

If you're lucky, you can catch a rainbow over this one.

Avid photographer shooting his way.

Flying high and loving it!

The landing of the first line has a view of two waterfalls.

The two waterfalls as seen from the landing of the first line. See them?

Taking off for the second line.

They're not excited, huh? No, they're not! Haha!

Shooting continues!

The boys nonchalantly flying. No big deal, huh?

The girls having a high!

Our first time to ride.

I went solo and simply loved it! Whoa!

Try ziplining in Lake Sebu! It's the best!

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