Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Raging Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls is a waterfall which is the main tourist attraction in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. Located in Barangay Borboanan, the falls are 95 m wide and 55 metres (180 ft) high. Tinuy-an is a white water curtain that flows in three levels and is said to be the widest waterfall in the Philippines. This falls is located 14 kilometers from the highway of the city where one passes through a reservoir of PICOP along the way.

On clear days, one can cross the river on a raft and even bathe under the thin flow of the falls revealing the beautiful rock formation underneath. Most people are able to see the falls that way. But on rainy days, the waters are raging, thus earning the nickname, the Niagara Falls of the Philippines. It was like that when we went to visit in April 2010 so all we could do was stand on the rocky side of the falls where the pool was not too deep and have the waters caress our backs.

Bislig City is approximately 217.6 km. from Davao City and will take around 2 hours and 57 minutes to get there by land. 

The baywalk of Bislig City. 
If you get to this place that means you're lost! Go back! You will find the road leading to Tinuy-an Falls on the right side of the main highway.
The reservoir of PICOP. 
Some landmarks along the way.

The falls can be seen by going through those stairs on the right. 

Boats to take guests across if they want to.

Photo from the internet. This is usually the view most people see on clear days. They can go across the river on a raft.
But when we went there, it rained the previous night so the water really fell like the Niagara Falls. We couldn't get across the river.
The first tier.
You need to climb this to get to the second tier.
The raging second tier.
This is where most people sit to feel the falling water.
Just like what they did! Refreshing!
Uhhhrmmmm...they were not contented in just sitting on the second tier, they wanted to go up some more.
That's the third tier. Yeah!
This view of the second tier can only be seen from the upper tier. Whoa! Raging Tinuy-an indeed!

Tinuy-an Falls has been one of the popular tourist destinations for the past years and even if people keep flocking to it, the place will never lose its beauty.

Tara na sa Tinuy-an!

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