Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Enchanting Kayangan Lake

This is Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan. It is dubbed the cleanest lake in Asia. 

A trip to Kayangan Lake is usually a part of the tour of Coron Island. This is the lagoon where boats park. This is not Kayangan Lake yet. On the shores of this lagoon are billboards about Kayangan Lake and about Coron Island being an ancestral domain of the Tagbanua tribe.

So, where is Kayangan Lake? It is hidden from view from this lagoon. One needs to go up around a hundred steps.

One hundred steps to Kayangan Lake? Gosh!
Nope. A hundred steps to this landing. 
This landing overlooks the lagoon, the "parking area" of the boats.
Ah, isn't this a familiar sight? This is the famous shot found in many posters that talk about Coron.
So, we also had our photos taken in that spot!

Are we there yet? Oh nooooo! Another 100 steps more to go down to Kayangan Lake.

After such an arduous ascent and descent, all the muscle aches are worth this enchanting view of Kayangan Lake! It's like a hundred Enchanted Rivers to me! In the middle of it I thought the site is also worth a hundred boring sermons.

Guests along the planks on one side of the lake.

The planks serve as "shores."

My husband and two daring children actually crossed the lake! It took them 45 hours to get to that rocky slope and come back. By the way, the balinsasayaw birds have their nests on those rocky mountains which only the Tagbanuas can reach and get. They're the ones made into soup.

See how clear the water is! One can actually drink it!

Another daring think my family did (except me, of course) was climb this rocky mountain and jump off it!

The family's trip to Kayangan Lake and to Coron, Palawan, was definitely one of the best we ever had!

So long, Kayangan! Until we meet again someday!

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