Monday, December 15, 2014

The Virgin Falls Experience

Virgin Falls (Photo by Larry A. Halili)
Sometimes we need to take risks in order to know the glorious feeling of victory after. We need to go through hardships to know what it is like to triumph in the end. We need to go through difficult times to savor the beauty of being able to conquer such times and our fears, insecurities and even ourselves.

Such was the feeling we had that day on May 12, 2013 when the family decided to take up the guide’s challenge to go to Virgin Falls in Kapatagan, Digos City.

This ‘Virgin Falls’ is located at the heart of the Kapatagan forest. Normally it takes an agile person to trek for just 20 minutes from Sitio Balatikan but for middle-aged newbies like me, the trek took double that time. We first went past a corn field and a small creek, deciding to push through with the trek despite the shower. Our guide, Jun, did not tell us that after the corn field we will be going down a rocky and treacherous trail with just ferns and tree roots to hold on to. Not only that, there were parts where a deep ravine on one side lay waiting to devour anyone whose foot would slip on the then already muddy path.

The kids easily made the hike while the guide had to hold my hand and literally had to guide me down and up the trail. I kept asking the kids how they were and they told me to worry about myself. My husband brought up the rear, worried sick, and made sure I didn’t slip. Towards the middle of the trek he was about to call the trip off but the kids were far ahead and I told him we were already there we might as well just finish the walk. He was afraid I would have a hard time going up on our way back. 

The kids took a dip in the icy cold waters beneath the Virgin Falls. 

A trip to Virgin Falls is not for the weak-kneed and faint-hearted much more for the ‘maarte’ ones. I’m glad we made it! So much for a Mother’s Day celebration in the jungle. But it was another of our family’s adventures which will forever be sweet in our memories.

What happens in our daily lives mirror our whole life on a bigger scale. We conquer the molehill challenges; we conquer the mountain as well. We go through struggles with innocent and virgin-like ways and views and come out like veterans of battles. What is important is, in the end, we are more confident, we are stronger and we are wiser, just like the Virgin Falls experience.

The trek represents the painful experiences in our lives. Going down that track is such an ordeal, pretty much like rollercoaster emotions felt through tough times. Somewhere in the middle of the trek, some would want to stop because of the pains and difficulties encountered. With determination and courage, those who walk on will reach the beautiful and refreshing refuge of the falling love and mercy of God.

Going down means persevering with the goal of healing or recovery from a crisis and moving forward means reaching a sense of acceptance of the whole situation. The lush greenery means hope; the refreshing and cool waters, renewed spirit and cool heads and emotions.

One could have slipped and jumped to death out of depression. Other people could have pushed one to further despair. But if one stays on track, he could keep on.

There’s always help. A guide was there to hold on to when there was nothing. That’s like the welcoming hands of family and friends who don’t let go in supporting, comforting, encouraging and praying so that the hand of the One True Guide will keep holding on throughout the ordeal.

It would be nice to just stay at the refreshing falls of life but one needs to go back to reality. Somehow, going up would be much harder. One needs to take careful steps, one at a time. It’s alright to stop and catch one’s breath once in a while. It’s a relief that there’s a guide to lift up or push if needed until one reaches the top.

It’s such a blessing and a joy to have someone to go through the ordeal with; one who willingly takes the rear and makes sure that one is safe. It takes true love and concern in such times of despair so that one can see who will not leave nor forsake him.

In the end, one will gain a new life and a new way of seeing things and the realization that there is a God after all!


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  2. Thank you, Vabna Islam for appreciating this post. Do you want to know more about the Virgin Falls? Are you planning to visit our country?


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