Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Gift of Time

What is a precious commodity which can be lost but which cannot be kept?

Time. Precious time.

It is more precious than the most expensive watch. It is something valuable especially when there is not enough of it. Think of a board exam with just a few minutes to answer every test. Think of a family member on a break before he leaves abroad for another roster of work. Think of a ticking time bomb which needs to be diffused before it blows and wreaks havoc. Think of a cancer patient to about having just a few months to live.

It is Christmastime once more and time is a gift that anyone can give in this season of giving.

Time is the best gift you can give to family and friends. Showing up for holiday celebrations, and other celebrations of life is worth more than the presents you can give them even if you give a Rolex as present. It is being there for a loved one that makes the moment special. It is always a joy to see people carve time for you despite the busyness of their lives.

So, what else can one do with time? Some have enough of it; others seem to have a short supply of it. But it all depends on how one makes good use of it.

Time together. 

There’s nothing worth doing for a husband and wife than spending time together. At this time when a lot of couples are apart due to work, especially for overseas workers, it is imperative to make time for talking, sharing, and even dating whenever they can be together. With this should come open and honest communication so nothing can come between them, thereby nurturing their relationship even more. 

Kids time. 

Time is something irreplaceable and spending it wisely yields good results. It’s not necessary that a family has to go anywhere in the world to have time for the kids. Simply being there for them even at home is more than enough. There is a mother’s prayer with this line: “Help me to make this home such that the family will always be eager to come back to it and such that, when the children grow up and go to their own homes, they will have nothing but happy memories of the home from which they have come.”

Bonding time.

It is not a waste of time and effort to be with family on breakfast, lunch or dinner dates or even coffee dates. It strengthens more the bonding between parents and children and between siblings. Whenever friends come to visit, try to squeeze time to be with them even for a bit as it may take a long while before you see them again. Try to make such times worth the while by making the meetings happy ones. Avoid meeting people when you are not in the best of moods so as not to rub off negative energy. 

Time for empathy. 

It is more appreciated when people visit those who are sick or those who are grieving over a loss of a loved one. It is a gesture of love, concern and thoughtfulness that only those who have been in the receiving end could feel. Sometimes, just having a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear is enough to ease the burden brought about by a difficult ordeal. 

Time for the spirit.

Every day should be an offering of one’s self for a continuous purging and nourishing of the spirit, preparing it to journey for another time so that spending time in the present should be one done with wisdom in mind. Love as much as you can, forgive as much as you should, laugh as much as you could; help, give, be kind and compassionate, and make every moment count for eternity. 

This Christmas, try to give the gift of time to family and friends and see how much your present would be treasured. Give yourself the gift of time as well.

After all, Christmas is about the One who gave most of His time for us along with His great love! 

(An article similar to this has also been posted in Wellness of Philippine Online Chronicles, Give Yourself the Gift of Time, also written by me.) 

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