Monday, December 8, 2014

Subangan rises!

Early this year, Davao Oriental opened its museum called "Subangan." It is a Cebuano word which means "a place where the sun rises" which is true of the province. This world-class museum is located along the National Highway, five minutes from downtown Mati City, the capital of the province. 

C'mon, take a glimpse of this museum.

Coming from Mati City proper, Subangan is on the left side of the highway

The sculptures were done by the famous Kublai Millan

That's "Davor," the whale 
Davor, come home!
Davor occupies the main lobby of the museum. 

View of the entrance from the second floor.
One wall of the second floor shows the different places of Davao Oriental
Replica of caves that abound in the province
Forest area
Hug a tree!
Flora found in the forests of the province


Don't forget to buy souvenirs on your way out!

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