Monday, December 15, 2014

On Family "Lakwatsas"

I have discovered something in the course of our family outing/lakwatsa.

I have posted beautiful photos of places we visited through the years and have enjoined friends to visit them. I have realized though that my views were quite subjective. They were thoughts which my family would’ve just borne in mind but which other people may not share.

Our family has simple needs and uncomplicated wants. We don’t usually look for the best accommodations. We don’t care much whether a hotel or a resort has extra amenities or has a complete set of toiletries or whether its bath tub is working or not. We care that we have clean beds to sleep on and clean bathrooms to use no matter how simple they may be. One time, we even slept in a room built on four posts like a one-room house with a little hammock underneath. The beds were double bunk beds. There was no air-conditioning and the bath and rest room were located outside the room in a separate structure. But it was a mountain resort we went to and our little balcony offered a magnificent view of Mt. Apo and Mt. Talomo as well as an exquisite sunrise scene. What else could we ask for?

Many times we’ve been to places which made us feel as if they were exclusively made for us like that time we went to Club Tara in Bucas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte where we were the only guests aside from a Korean couple with a five-year-old son. We also felt as if the place was meant for just us in all the five times we’ve visited Lemlunay Resort in Sarangani Province. More often than not, the places we’ve been to have people who made us feel so welcome that each one felt like home. They didn’t just do their jobs but even went beyond them. We are not so meticulous with food but we were always served the best.

A friend once commented on a couple of photos of mine that they look different and beautiful whereas they didn’t look like those when they visited. Perhaps, it is the perspective that made the difference.

My family and I were discussing this one time and we all agreed that even an almost disastrous trip to Cape San Agustin in Davao Oriental or a dangerous trek down to Virgin Falls in Kapatagan had given us joy and a sense of awe as well as fond memories which could be fodder for future discussion over dinner. We often find some things from our trips worth laughing about or memories worth cherishing no matter how simple they may be and regardless of how the place looked like. Yes, even Lake Agco provided something to laugh about.

My husband and I are just proud how adventurous and uncomplaining our children came out to be. They would pack their own stuff without a whimper and they would take whatever is given them without murmurs. Perhaps early on when we started going out on countryside trips, we didn’t have rules except that I don’t want to hear complaints otherwise they would be left at home. No one wanted to be left behind. And that’s how our “lakwatsas” came to be made happily ever after.

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