Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mt. Apo View from Kapatagan

Climbing Mt. Apo, the tallest mountain in the Philippines with an elevation of 2,954 metres (9,692 ft) above sea level has always been my dream. Perhaps it can still be a reality depending on these “golden knees.” The nearest to Mt. Apo that my family and I got was a view of it from Kapatagan, Digos City in Davao Del Sur last May 2013.

Kapatagan is about 24 kilometers from the highway of Digos City going to Bansalan. The highland barangay is a popular destination of tourists because of its rich flora and fauna and the presence of some resorts and spots for highland adventures. It is also one of the jump-off points of mountaineers climbing Mt. Apo. The cool climate conducive for hugging is also a big attraction.

Our family checked in at Mt. Apo Highland Resort, owned by Philip Dizon, owner of Crocodile Park and Maxima Resort, and was lucky enough to have the place to ourselves. We got a “room” which was practically a room made of wood on stilts with two double decks. The rest room and bathroom was a separate common room outside. We didn’t mind the simple and rustic accommodation because the sweeping view of Mt. Apo and Mt. Talomo, not to mention the spectacular sunrise more than made up for it. The staff was nice and the food reminds one of home. 

Rooms on stilts with view of Mt. Apo on the right
Mt. Apo and Mt. Talomo covered with clouds in the afternoon.
The view in the cloudless morning.
We were able to go to Lake Mirror, a sister resort of Mt. Apo Highland but it was a good thing we didn’t sleep there. It doesn’t have a view of Mt. Apo. 

Vicinity map showing both Mt. Apo Highland Resort and Lake Mirror Resort

25 Things to do in Kapatagan
Another beautiful place we visited was the “Playground in the Skies” and Art Garden of Kublai Millan. Ahhhh…we could stay and play there forever and be like kids again! It’s located on a lush rolling hill, also with sweeping views of Mt. Apo. 

Marker from the highway: on the left side from Digos City, road to the Kublai Garden on the right 
One of our unforgettable adventures was going to Virgin Falls. That’s a subject of a different blog entry. (Check out The Virgin Falls Experience.) Meanwhile, please feel free to scroll down and browse and enjoy the views. Who knows, Kapatagan might just be your next summer lakwatsa venue. 

View of Mt. Apo going to Playground in the Skies

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