Thursday, December 4, 2014

LIVE in the NOW!

Have you ever thought what you would do or say today if you know you’re not going to wake up tomorrow?

This has been a nagging thought for me since I heard of a death of a son of a former colleague. I put myself in his shoes and imagined what his last morning was. When he woke up on that Wednesday, did he ever think he was not going to live past lunch time? Ahhh. It is hard to imagine. It is hard to believe.

This brings us to the reality we never really know what the next moment or the next hour will bring us, much more the next day. So, what can we do now?

LIVE in the NOW. Not later. NOW.

This does not mean we should not plan ahead. This does not mean a fatalistic view of things. This does not mean we should just stand still just because we do not know what tomorrow brings.

No, this simply means we should make every moment count with every word, every action, every step we make. Today. Now.

It is true we cannot bring back yesterday. We cannot utter words left unsaid nor recall words we have said. We do not know what tomorrow brings no matter how many soothsayers will tell 
us what it may be. Think about this, we only have today to do things right, to say things right, to make our life matter.

I’m sure many books and articles have been written about this but we probably just take them for granted, perhaps until something happens, until we lose someone we love, until it is too late, until it is our time to go.

So, today, let us free ourselves. Let us:
Free our minds from worries and fears,
Free our lips from words that wound and hurt,
Free our hearts from anger and regret,
Free our hands from tasks unmet,
Free our feet from wandering off to some place they should not be.

We have today to be free to love, to laugh, to live, to just be you and me.

Let us waste no time in telling our loved ones we love them every day. Let us not forget to say “thank you” with every good favour given us. Let us learn to say “I’m sorry” for every mistake, every hurtful word or deed we do to others and promise not do them again. If we have nothing good to say, we might as well just shut up. Time is precious and we might run out of it. Sometimes I think blessed are those who have time to prepare and straighten out the affairs of their lives. Not all of us may have that chance.

Perhaps if we will all have this mindset everyday, we will minimize conflicts and resolve misunderstandings right away. Perhaps there will be no procrastination and work will be done efficiently. Perhaps the world will be a better place to live in, even just in our little corner.

Mindfulness. Every thing we do, we should be mindful of. That is what I am trying to do NOW.

We cannot go back and change our past. Tomorrow is not promised us so we never know what lies ahead but we are comforted and assured with the fact that our life is in the hands of the Almighty. Thus, we could still plan for tomorrow and say, “God willing.”

Tomorrow is another day. Let us just be grateful to wake up to that.

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