Friday, December 5, 2014

Life Resolutions

(This article originally appeared in Blog Watch of the Philippine Online Chronicles on December 5, 2014)

Back in grade school and high school, our teachers would often ask us to write down our new year’s resolutions after the Christmas break. After that time, I stopped writing mine. After all, I wasn't really keen in following them so to this day, I never write down my new year’s resolutions.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, why don’t we draw up our own life resolutions as the year is drawing to a close? Let me share with you some principles I’ve lived by, consciously or unconsciously, for the past 51 years. Once in a while, I check myself with these and see how I’ve measured up to my own standards.


The closest thing I can do to live a simple life is to unclutter my house and life. We don’t have much closet space at home so twice a year I go through clothes, bags, shoes, other personal and household items and sort what needs to be given away, thrown or recycled.

Sometimes, the same holds true for people in our lives. There are certain friendships or relationships we can probably do without so those people don’t have to clutter our lives. We’ll find out later that we do not miss them anyway.


Life is an endless learning process so whether we are 7 or 77, we can learn something everyday from the young and the old alike. With an open mind and humble heart, there is always room to learn a new skill, a new language and/or a new task.


When it comes to stuff, most people would want the “real thing” if they can afford it. That is also true in life. A bright smile, a warm hug and a sincere compliment: priceless!

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