Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Facebook junkie no more!

So, here's my first treat for this week on this last month of the year. I'm back to blogging because I've finally licked something which has kept me from doing a lot of things. Facebook addiction! Find out more about it here. 

Please check this out and see if you're like me. 

This was originally posted in Blog Watch of the Philippine Online Chronicles last November 6, 2014.

Confessions of a Facebook Junkie

“Hi, I’m LP and I was a Facebook junkie!”

If I were in a “FAD Anonymous,” that would be my introduction. FAD stands for Facebook Addiction Disorder. It may not be a widely accepted psychological disorder yet but psychologists are studying it. I used “was” because I’m already on a self-imposed rehab and I’m on my way to recovery. Or so I hope.

A friend invited me to Facebook over five years ago when Friendster was on the decline and Facebook was on the rise in this part of the world. It was fascinating to keep in touch with long-lost friends, classmates, dormmates and relatives from faraway lands. At that time I didn’t have a regular job anymore but I was a full-time freelancer, er, homemaker and thus I had lots of free time for Facebook.

I got so engrossed with this social medium which I thought fueled my creativity. I would post fascinating status updates and photos of people and places from time to time, meaning, everyday. Like most Facebook users, I liked and commented on my friends’ posts and sent private messages to friends, old and new.

Over the years, the status updates turned into longer write-ups with attached photos. I would post albums of places where my family would travel to. Since I wasn’t contented in simply uploading them, I would include captions and directions until the albums caught my friends’ attention and turned them into travel guides. Some of my friends would also like me to take their photos during events because they knew they would appear on Facebook. What probably endeared me to most of them were the birthday greetings I would post with matching “framed” photographs of them. It tickled them to no end for being remembered in a special way. Aside from my personal account, I also created two pages, one for quotes and mini-posters, another served as a virtual gallery of my shots of places we visited.

Sometime ago, I wrote about a “Purpose-Driven F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K.” The acronym stands for Friendship, Art, Calendar of events, Education, Bulletin Board, Occupation, Online Sharing and Kinship. They’re practically what I had used Facebook for. It is after all a powerful tool to communicate for the greater good if used wisely. It can be used to drum up causes and spread information about campaigns, private or public, like what Blogwatch has been doing the past five years. Almost every aspect of modern-day life can be found in Facebook.

[Please check out the rest of the article inhttp://thepoc.net/index.php/confessions-of-a-facebook-junkie/

Photo from "How addicted to
 Facebook are you"

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