Monday, December 8, 2014

Davao Oriental Islands: Waniban and Pujada

Two of Davao Oriental's attractions are the rustic islands of Waniban and Pujada. Our family was able to visit them in July 2014. Our jump-off point was the Blue Bless Resort in Mati City. The sky was overcast as it rained that morning but we still decided to take the 45-minute boat ride and see for ourselves what beauty these two islands hold.

We were not disappointed. Being nature lovers, we welcomed the untouched ambiance of the islands, never mind if the beaches were not cleared of debris of vegetation brought about by the waves. The sand was powdery white and soft, reminiscent of Boracay sand. There were not cottages in both islands but we contented ourselves with staying under the shades of trees. I like that there are still places around here that are hands-off to commercialization. 

Jump off point to Waniban and Pujada Islands - Blue Bless Resort
On the way to Pujada Island which is behind Waniban Island in this view
C'mon, let's explore Pujada Island! (Photo by Larry Halili)
Waniban Island
The other side of Waniban Island
The different hues of blue of the water
No, you can't take the dog home with you, boys!
Explore Waniban!



  1. May we know how much is the boat rental to explore both islands?

    1. Hi Ron!
      If I remember it right, the rental ranges from P1,500 to P2,500.00 for half day tour. :)


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