Thursday, December 11, 2014

Breathtaking Gratefulness!

Every morning, I take a "power hour" and do my "quiet time." Sometimes, I share a bit to my son before he goes to school and we call such moments, "breakfast with Jesus." This morning's reading in "Our Daily Bread" caught my attention as I was thinking of posting something about being grateful to be alive everyday. Let me just share these excerpts:

"If we measure life by breathtaking moments, we miss the wonder of ordinary moments. Eating, sleeping and breathing seem 'ordinary' in that we do them every day, usually without much thought. But they're not ordinary at all. Every bite and every breath are miracles. In fact, having breath is more miraculous than anything that takes our breath away.

King Solomon's life reminds us that it's important to find joy in 'ordinary' things, for they are indeed wonderful. Bigger is not always better. More is not always an improvement. Busier doesn't make us more important.

Rather than look for meaning in breathtaking moments, we should find meaning in every breath we take, and make every breath meaningful.

Although the above photo of a sunrise as seen from a resort at the foot of Mt. Apo is breathtaking, most people were still asleep when I took it very early in the morning, around 5.16am. But every sunrise is a reminder of new life and new hope for everyone and it is something to be grateful for.

Here's a poem I've written at one time when a child was sick and was confined at the CCU of a hospital.


Thank God for a brand new day, for a chance:
to see the smile on the face of a sick loved one,
to hear the melodious laughter of babies,
to hold the wrinkled hand of grandparents,
to smell the fragrance of newly-shampooed hair,
to touch the smooth skin of a freshly-washed face,
to rub the well-rested legs from a previous day's walk.

Thank God for another day
to savor the creamy goodness of cafe mocha,
to taste the delectable flavor of sunny-side up eggs,
to crush a crispy danggit in the mouth followed by a tasty helping of fried rice,
to squeeze a juicy orange or a mouth-watering watermelon,
to chew on mixed nuts,
to tremendously enjoy a simple breakfast.

Thank God for still another day
to get irritated by the blaring sirens of ambulances and fire trucks
to be impatient with the never-ending traffic jams,
to hear the noise of the neighbor's workers pounding on concrete,
to feel the heat of a hot summer day,
to smell the stinking dog,
to sneeze at the dusty window sill.

Thank God for a peaceful and restful sleep,
for the dreams that visited it
and for a chance to make them come true in another day.

For the pleasant and not so pleasant moments of the day,
I still thank God for another day to be alive!

How grateful are you for the miracle of breathing today, my friend?


  1. breathtaking indeed, LP! i love this post

  2. Thanks a lot, Milletsky! Good morning!


  3. God loves a grateful soul. Hi LP.

    1. Hi Bee/Badette!

      Good to see you fluttering by my post, my friend! Hope all is well with you and Mike down there! Catch you later!


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