Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blue Butterfly's 10 Commandments for Posting Photos in Social Media

It's that time of the year again when people are busy with so many activities, parties here and there, charity work everywhere. Everyone wants to capture such moments in photos, of course. Most of the time, they're for social media purposes like posting in Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest or whatever social media form one is subscribed to. So, to make such posts interesting, here are 10 commandments or tips in posting photos in social media.

  1. I am the shooter of the photographs; I take control of my photos.
  2. I will shoot from my heart not just from my camera thus I will see to it my photos are interesting, not copycat and are a joy to view.
  3. I shall not put the name of my camera and lens unless necessary and for educational purposes only.
  4. I shall honor my subjects if they are people by not posting shots with compromising positions and looks.
  5. I shall not post photos of one person with 20 copies of slightly different angles.
  6. I shall refrain from posting blurred images and poorly shot pictures.
  7. I shall not post photos of food unless I have a story to tell.
  8. I shall not ask my subjects to do wacky poses and jump shots for social media purposes. (I now find them annoying.)
  9. I shall not post and share photos for the sake of posting.
  10. I shall not be boring with my photos.

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