Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Boracay, Gateway to a Hideaway

In search of another summer adventure after Britania, my hubby chanced upon a blog entry of the famous Dabawenya, Jojie Alcantara about a place called "Little Boracay" in Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur. Thus, armed with guts and our family's sense of adventure, we set off early one fine morning.

We left Tagum around 6.15 a.m., arrived in Davao City around 7:00 a.m. in time for a little breakfast in a gasoline station along the way and off we went again after thirty minutes reaching the Sulop-Malalag juncture at around 9:30 a.m. Going right, the road leads to Gen. Santos City. On the left is the road towards Malalag town then Sta. Maria after. Farther are the towns of Malita, San Marcelino and Jose Abad Santos.

The view from the cliff right after the welcome signboard.
The Municipal Hall of Sta. Maria, Davao del Sur.
 To reach "Little Boracay" (formerly called Mariscal Beach named after the owner, Rudy Mariscal, a former mayor of Sta. Maria), one has to pass a couple of barrios and beachfront properties which are not as impressive as that of "Little Boracay".

There are a lot of signboards along the way leading to the resort.
The place boasts of a wide and about a kilometer-long stretch of fine white sand which on low tide could reach up to 20-30 meters wide. Thus, the name "Little Boracay", reminiscent of a part of the world-famous Boracay. The clear waters are inviting swimmers to take a dip while one end of the resort invites explorers to explore its rocky secrets.

The resort has cottages facing the sea for day picnickers and those who would like to spend the night on the beach for as low as P75.00 per cottage. A restaurant is open on weekends otherwise people are free to bring their own food without corkage. They can also cook in areas meant for them. A huge seminar house sits on a elevated area at the back of the cottages. The gated resort has ample parking space.

The place would've been good enough for us if not for a couple of guys who came in by boat from out of nowhere and who offered to take us to the sea beyond the rocky edge to a place with even more powdery white sand. For P40.00 per person, we hopped on the motorized 13-15 seater banca and sailed into the bay beyond and smacked right into what else but...paradise!

"Paradise". That is what the secluded place is called. Although people from "Little Boracay" go there on boats during weekends, the place has no huts or cottages or amenities. Its beauty is untouched, the setting even made more rustic with dried coconut leaves and shells lining up the fine white sandy shore. I remember my childhood days in Maco where we used to take picnics at such areas long before the resorts have taken over Pindasan, Mabini, Compostela Valley Province. This place can only be reached by boat or by traversing the rocky edges from a nearby barrio.

The beachfront is owned by the grandfather of the two boys who took us there. Some rich people would want to buy it including Manny Pacquiao but the grandfather who is also the barangay captain there wouldn't hear of it.

The waters are crystal clear and truly so inviting it's like a huge swimming pool. We would've swam all day if we had the luxury of time. It felt like having one's own island like that in the movie, "Castaway".

We went home happy and grateful with sweet memories of a little paradise on earth.


  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE FEATURE MS. BLUE BUTTERFLY and Party... Our staff were all smiles upon seeing your blog. Please do see us again :)

  2. You are most welcome, Ms. Joyce! We had a great time and I couldn't help writing about it. :)

  3. been there recently but so disappointed. the beach its so dirty and plenty of debris around also the cottages are not good. it is not well-maintained yet they are over charging. the worst of all it has a foul smell accordingly there is a piggery over the top of the resort which causes the foul smell. one of the cottages the light bulbs are busted and it has only something like "tin" shower heads. it was really a very a horrible and bad experience for us and we will never come back in that resort.

    1. To the recent anonymous commenter, thank you for bringing this up. We always tell our guests to expect a little back to basics due to the location of the resort. Debris are but natural especially during rainy season, but we do always try to make a point to have it cleaned. The piggery was taken cared of, and the worker responsible for it was sanctioned. We apologize for any inconvenience during your stay, comments like these are important to us so that we will know how we can improve our services. As to the over charging, I hope you can give us a brief account of what happened so that we can checked. Please send us an email,

  4. Interesting. We are going for a family vacay this Nov. and is considering Bugas Grande in Siargao. But this place is nice and dool pa sa Tagum. Weighing our options, hehehe. Thanks Ma'am.

  5. Hi Lou. Little Boracay is nice but I strongly suggest you go to Sohoton Bucas Grande also. It's worth the long trip. I hope to post about our trip there. Amazing place.

    1. Hi Ma'am.. Our Sohoton trip was cancelled unfortunately because of Zoraida. But Siargao adventure we did. In case you might be interested, the stories are here :)

  6. very interesting... our team might consider this place.. do you have a contact number so i can ask certain details?


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