Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Breathtaking Britania

 It was time for another family summer breather and upon the encouragement of a dear friend, we decided to try going to Britania Islands in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, approximately over 200 kilometers from Tagum where we live. We left Tagum around 8.25 a.m. and reached San Francisco, Agusan del Sur around 10.30 a.m. for brunch at a popular fastfood chain. After that, off we went to San Agustin, passing by the towns of Barobo and Lianga. 

On the way back home though, we passed through the diversion road leading to Prosperidad town. Motorists are warned to be careful with driving because of the zigzag and sharp roads. We left Lianga around 11.55 p.m. and reached Tagum around 2.30 p.m.

The roads are paved and well-maintained so by 11.33 a.m., we were already at the boundary of Lianga and Barobo. San Agustin was just around 30 minutes away. By 12.08 p.m. we were standing on the viewing area built by the LGU of San Agustin, admiring the breathtaking Britania Islands.

We checked in at the La Entrada Resort and Restaurant where we had reservations made days before. You can call or text at 09499719630 or 09218078974 for reservations. The resort is quite rustic in appearance with a limestone-paved center road that leads to other resorts farther. The mangroves on one side lend mystery to the beauty that lies beyond. The Restaurant and 16 rooms are on the left side while a view deck and another floating restaurant with some rooms and passageway to the boat dock are on the right side.

From their facebook page, I got this:

Room rates:
1.) Dormitory type/non-aircon
*250 per head
*free view deck entrance
2.) Standard room ( P1,200) for additional person P200
*good for 2 persons
* maximum of 5 persons
*Free view deck entrance
3.) Deluxe room (P1,600) for additional person P200
*good for 2 persons
*maximum of 5 persons
*free view deck entrance
4.) Superior room (P1,800) for additional person P200
*good for 2 persons

We got a Superior Room, the only one available when I called them up. This room is air-conditioned with a queen size bed. The bathroom has a heater for warm showers.

Our room rate was P1,800 per night for 2 persons but additional persons are allowed up to 3, making the total occupants 5. Additional cost was P200/pax. Mattresses and towels were provided for all. You have to bring your own toiletries.

We were just okay with the room. I'm glad our kids could easily adjust and did not complain.

We scheduled our island-hopping trip for early morning of the following day. The boat we hired was Budoy 1 for P1,500 per ride. We just gave the boatmen a fat tip. We were allowed to just go to the four popular islands out of the 24 that comprise Britania.

The following pictures could speak for the beauty of the Britania Islands.

First stop was the Hagonoy Island with its long stretch of fine white sand.
The Naked Island. Naked because it has no vegetation on it, just one huge sand bar.
Next stop was Boslon Island. It is famous for its rock formations and the grotto. The water surrounding it was so clear it looked like a huge swimming pool. 
The Grotto
Look at the clear water, just like a natural swimming pool.

Our last stop was the Hiroy-Hiroyan Island (above). Just like the other islands, it has pristine waters surrounding it conducive to swimming. The fine white sand was simply marvelous. 

As we were leaving, my hubby who has never been a fan of Boracay said it was worth going all the way there because of the beauty of the place. All the more he wouldn't want to go to Boracay anymore. 

We left, another experience richer, more fulfilled with another adventure, more grateful for the beauty of nature. 

Tara Britania! 


  1. ate tess...nindota ani diri te oi!!!!! :)
    your blog has made me really wanna go there! - Joysenen Abing

  2. Haaaaaaaay.. Nice place... someday..

  3. Hi Joyse!

    Why don't you go SOOOOON!

  4. Yo, Louie!

    Let that someday be NOW!

  5. wow. this is really pretty. thanks for posting. ive always liked the tourists spots in the Phils because most of them are unknown, ergo unspoiled and never overrated. can i post some pics from this post in a facebook page (Taga Mindanao) and also a link back here?

  6. Hi Lilybugs!

    My pleasure to share. Glad you like the pics of this beautiful place. Yup, you may do that, it would be an honor for me. It's really more fun in Pinas. ♥☺

  7. We are going there very soon....

  8. nice place,,soon were going to be there

  9. hi there, blue butterfly.

    this is kinda urgent, and so here's hoping you'd be guided by the holy spirit to check your blog's messages.

    I wrote an article about Britania that Inquirer is printing very soon. Thing is: it's asking for a panoramic shot of the islets. I made Google my best friend and saw your breathtaking photos of Britania. Can I use one of them? you get the credit of course.

    here's my email add:

    thanks loads.

  10. Been there....AGREEEEEEE!!!!! was such a nice place....a paradise. La Entrada was not yet built that sad....


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