Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Memories of Coron

"Coron Island or Calis Island, as the Tagbanuas call it, is a big island across the bay just 20 minutes by motorboat from Coron town. It is an island composed of towering limestone cliffs, coves, lakes, pockets of white beaches — all beautiful aspects one could think of of an island. The rock walls are undercut by waves and been exquisitely carved by wind and sea into sculpted forms and formations. It is a wonder to behold and is a photographer’s delight. "

Source: Coron Village Lodge

These are some of the impressions of Coron we've brought with us when we visited it in May 2011. Impressions of a quiet place, almost sacred with its pristine seas and lakes and rocky mountains. Coron, Palawan, in our mind, is truly a treasure!

En route to Maquinit Hot Springs

Promenade overlooking Coron Island. 
Boats for rent for island tours.
Coron Island is opposite Coron town proper.
Siete Pecados, a diving spot perfect for snorkeling. 

Going to the shore which is a take-off in going up to Kayangan Lake.

Boats with passengers going to Kayangan Lake go in and out of the area. This is like the parking space for boats.
View going out of that area.
The famous view of Coron as seen in magazines and posters. This was taken from the landing area going up to Kayangan Lake.
There are planks around Kayangan Lake to serve as "shores."
Kayangan Lake, the cleanest lake in the Philippines.
Banol Beach

Waves are strong in Banol Beach. 

Demanglit Beach. It was unexplored when we went there.

Another view of Demanglit Beach. It was like a painting.
Flower from Demanglit Beach.
Still part of Demanglit Beach.
Entrance to the Twin Lagoons. One twin can be accessed by swimming through a small opening or diving above it.
The other twin. It was so quiet, so serene, it felt like entering a cathedral. Simply awesome!
There were other places in Coron we haven't been to. Three days and two nights are not enough to explore the islands. A month-long vacation would be perfect to soak in the natural beauty of the place! How about making Coron your next lakwatsa destination?

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  1. this will surely be on my laag list. humanda next year. tnx for the beautiful photos maam tess.


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