Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Sun Sets in Tagum

I have never felt an urge to go out and chase a sunset until yesterday. I didn't go to the beach to catch it. All I did was drove over to the new City Hall site to catch one. The universe gave me the following images.

Vestiges of a Fine Day

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PINAScenes 5: Man-made Beauties

There are so many places in the Philippines with structures which are man-made and world-class. These are just some of my favorite spots, some of the places are close to my heart. I hope you can visit these one day.

Bencab Museum, owned by National Artist, Ben Cabrera, Baguio City

PINAScenes 4: Lush Greens and Browns

We fortunate here in the Philippines because despite the deforestation world-wide, there are still some areas where there's lush greenery. These are some of the scenes from our family's out-of-town travels. Enjoy!

The Manor grounds, Baguio City

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