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For the first time in my life, I joined a photo contest last June 2011. It was called "Tagum Photo Contest". It was a project of the City of Tagum, City Information Office and the City of Tagum Tourism Council in line with another project which is to come up with a coffee table book about Tagum. Fortunately, out of the 17 entries I submitted, three (3) got the "Juror's Choice" award and 14 photos were included in the exhibit of around 216 photos out of the 340 entries from 38 photographers for six (6) categories.

I say, to God be the honor and glory for whatever talent He has given me to come up with these. Of course, these may not be the best but still, I'm just happy and I want to share that happiness with you.

"Welcome to Tagum!" (New City Hall's Ampitheater w/ my good friend, Yuki)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

PINAScenes 3: Sunrise, Sunset

Two of my favorite scenes to shoot are sunrises and sunsets. For me they symbolize hope, rest and thanksgiving. I'd chase them wherever I could. Here are some nice ones my husband and I have captured so far.

Sunrise in Camiguin

PINAScenes 2: Sky and Seascapes

Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Island Garden City of Samal
The Philippine coastline measures 33,900 km and some of the world's finest beaches can be found here. These are just some of those beaches and seascapes our family had been blessed to visit these past years. The photos were taken by my husband and me.

PINAScenes 1: Rivers and Falls, Lakes and Ponds

We often say when see a beautiful picture of a Philippine scenery that it looks like it's not in the Philippines. "Parang hindi Pilipinas". A friend said, it shouldn't be. The Philippines is a beautiful country and we should be proud of it.

So, here are some of the places our family has been to over the years in our out-of-town lakwatsa. 

The Spot, Banana Beach, Madaum, Tagum City

Davao Oriental SEAneries

There is so much to explore in Davao Oriental. The first stop right after the "Davao Oriental" welcome marker is this new resort called Bonhomie Leisure and Resort. These are some of the beautiful scenes from that place.

"Reach for the Sky"

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