Friday, November 12, 2010

Davao Gastronomic Delights

There are a couple of restaurants in Davao we visited recently which gave us a satisfactory dining experience. They are Gerry’s Grill at Gaisano Mall, JP Laurel Avenue and Yahong Restaurant near Davao Convention Center along F. Torres Street. There may serve similar dishes but one thing was common about them. The ones we’ve tasted were good and reasonably priced and would let customers keep going back for more. Let’s see if you will not love these pictures below

Grilling Appetite at Gerry’s:

Up to the mezzanine

Can't make up their minds due to many choices of dishes
Refreshing Thirst-quencher

Sassy Sashimi

Scintillating Scallops - a favorite

Savory Seafood Rice

Splendid Squid

Crispier than Crisp Crispy Pata

Heartwarming Kilawing Puso ng Saging

Healthy Veggie Rice
For more information about Gerry's Grill, please visit their website:  

Gaisano Mall, Davao City
Phone (082) 221-9992, (082) 224-3779
10am to 10pm daily

Come along to Yahong:

Uniquely Suglaw - Sugba at Kinilaw

Titillating Talaba

Lusty Lechon Kawali

Revealing Rellenong Pusit

Charming Chopsuey
Tenderest  Lengua in Mushroom Sauce
Yahong Restaurant has an ambiance of an out-of-the way roadside resto: warm, welcoming and cozy. Its staff’s personalized service is a duplicate of the owner’s quiet but accommodating presence. It rests in an unassuming corner of the growing culinary complex of Davao reminiscent of Tomas Morato’s bustling food district.

The first time we went there, we felt at home right away. So we came back. And we will be coming back to try their other dishes.

Yahong Restaurant
Torres St., Davao City 
Phone number: (082) 221-9171


  1. ang sarap siguro ng seafood ano? kaso mga kalaban ko yan eh...di kaya ng antihistamine kaya iwas ako sa mga yan due to allergy...wish ko lang maka visit dyan sa Davao...pag makaipon siguro ng miles...hehehe...the places you've been to look nice & cozy esp.Davao Pearl Farm...sana matuloy:)

    -Toleets B.

  2. thanks tess..I almost forgot how super sarap our cuisine is! I have favourite places for each (to mention a few), like the kinilaw in gata (tacloban), chicken inato (dumaguete), pinakbet (baguio), bicol express (legaspi), tinola of freshly caught fish (surigao), grilled freshly caught squid (samar). These are my top secrets - i hope i have time to taste them again on my visit next year.


  3. Hi, I think you got the wrong number for Yahong. I tried to call and it's a residential number.


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