Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting Started

I am starting a new blog. I already have one which shows my poems and write-ups on different topics. The poems were written depending on the mood I was in at the time I wrote them. The articles are about some issues or points I feel strongly about.

This time, I want to try another blog which will highlight not my thoughts but the beauty of the Philippines, particularly the countryside. Our family is fond of going on road trips as a form of bonding. I would just like to share some of those trips with you. Who knows, you might want to visit those places we’ve been to one day. Perhaps you’ve been there before. You might be surprised things have improved since the last time you were there and it would be a good thing to revisit those places.

This blog is also my way of showing a positive side of the Philippines to counter the bad publicity it is getting nowadays. For those who have been away for long, I am sure you miss the land of your birth. And like me, I know you believe there’s hope for our country to rise above all these setbacks.

C’mon, join me and let’s flutter around!


  1. Beautifully laid out and very interesting title. I like the background you have chosen. Makes it rustic. We have been to these places together but the way you presented it makes it different the second time around. Keep it up.

  2. Hehehe...Thank you, thank you. Where to next?


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