Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Falling for Lake Sebu

My husband wanted to take a long drive to a place we've never been to. Since we've practically scoured Davao Del Norte and its neighboring provinces, we thought of crossing over to the Cotabato area and ended up with Lake Sebu. It is a town nestled in the mountains of South Cotabato. It has a lake where the town got its name. The town also has 7 waterfalls hidden in the woods but only 2 were available for viewing at the time we went there last March 2009.

To get to Lake Sebu from Tagum, one goes through Davao City, Digos City, General Santos City, Koronadal City and the towns of Banga and Surallah. It took us approximately 5 hours to get there but it was worth the trip. South Cotabato is a beautiful province with abundant natural resources, breathtaking views and very well-paved roads.

My husband allowed me to drive from Koronadal (formerly Marbel) to General Santos (formerly Dadiangas) where I hit 120 km/hr. Not so fast in terms of men's standards but it was a delight to drive in that part where the highway was practically straight all  because there were only seven "turns".

We went to the Punta Isla Lake Resort, the best one as far as we're concerned. One cannot miss it because of the many billboards along the way pointing to its direction.

The resort has a main dining area on the main floor. Going down a flight of stairs will lead one to dining cottages where the diners can have privacy and be served by waiters who can be summoned by a bell should there be a need for more rice or water or other orders. A floating dining area, featured above, can be reached by pulling it closer to the dock. Everyone who dines there will have the benefit of fresh air and a relaxed atmosphere.

This is a view of the lake from the resort. The foreground is the starting point of a boat tour of the lake.

The Lake is surrounded by hills and is drained through two waterfalls which cannot be seen from this point of view.

We saw this delightful flock of ducks during our boat ride through the lake. Fish pens with fresh tilapia also abound near the resort.

The main offering of Lake Sebu is fresh tilapia. This can be cooked in many different ways. We had the crispy chicharon tilapia.

We also had this delectable tilapia dish wrapped in banana leaves and grilled to perfection.

Usually, deep sea fish like tuna is used for kinilaw. There they have kinilaw na tilapia. Still delicious and so far, nothing happened to our stomachs with that.

We were so full after that tilapia feast. And to think we have not even tried all the dishes. They served lemongrass tea.

Whatta feast!

First Falls
The two out of seven waterfalls in Lake Sebu town. The first one was easy to reach but to go to the second one, we had to go down a flight of around 776 steps! I thought I couldn't make it. I was afraid we would be stranded down there after seeing this majestic falls. But there were some motorcycles for hire and we got on a couple of them and went up to our car. Thank God! That was equivalent of a week's workout.

One needs to go down many, many steps to get to this majestic second falls.
So, for those Pinoys who are abroad and have not been to Lake Sebu, this could be your next tourist destination!


  1. Hello Kim/MJ!
    There isn't much hiking if you go to Punta Isla Lake Resort. But there is if you visit the falls which is in another area of the town. I haven't been to Lake Sebu this year but my friends told me there's already a zipline activity in the falls area now. That would really by quite an adventure.

  2. I wanna check out the 7 falls, but I don't think I can handle the hike... you can stay overnight at the resort right?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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